Online Homeschooling Christian Elementary Course Catalog

PreK – 5th Grade Online Homeschooling Courses

Al students attending a Learning By Grace managed academy may take a selection of courses to provide a well-rounded program which meets or exceeds state and national standards. Each student can select up to 6 courses.

Grade: K

Jubilee English K: Alphabet Adventures
Victory Math K: Breakthrough Basics
Discovering God's Creation Science K: God's Masterpiece
Heritage Social Studies K: My Country, My Home
Living Word Bible K: Bible Building Blocks
In His Image Art and Joyful Sound Music K: Discovering Your Gift

Grade: 1

Jubilee English 1: Phenomenal Phonics
Victory Math 1: Essential Expertise
Discovering God's Creation Science 1: Building Blocks of Life
Heritage Social Studies 1: Our Friend, the Environment
Living Word Bible 1: Faith Builders
Wonderfully Made Health and Physical Education 1: God's Healthy Children

Grade: 2

Jubilee English 2: Wonderful Words
Victory Math 2: From Training to Triumph
Discovering God's Creation Science 2: More than Meets the Eye
Heritage Social Studies 2: American Wonders
Living Word Bible 2: Building Christian Character
In His Image Art and Joyful Sound Music 2: Expressing Your Joy

Grade: 3

Jubilee English 3: Sensational Stories
Victory Math 3: Achievement With Arithmetic
Discovering God's Creation Science 3: Life Cycles and Advances
Heritage Social Studies 3: Beyond the Sea
Living Word Bible 3: Life of Christ
Wonderfully Made Health and Physical Education 3: Developing Healthy Habits

Grade: 4

Jubilee English 4: Creative Communication
Victory Math 4: Progress and Proficiency
Discovering God's Creation Science 4: Our Natural Home
Heritage Social Studies 4: Adventures Through History
Living Word Bible 4: Heroes of the Bible
In His Image Art and Joyful Sound Music 4: Conveying Your Creativity

Grade: 5

Jubilee English 5: Grammar Galaxy
Victory Math 5: Victory With Variables
Discovering God's Creation Science 5: The Bigger Picture
Heritage Social Studies 5: Traveling Toward Cultural Awareness
Living Word Bible 5: Living Your Faith
Wonderfully Made Health and Physical Education 5: Safe and Sound
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